About us

The company ERGA BIO is located in Calabria and specifically in the town of Badolato (CZ), surrounded by the Mediterranean open to 360° under the warm sun of southern Italy. From experience handed down from father to son and with the passion and the centuries-old tradition, leads in direct economy farmland targeted the bill strictly organic products, genuine full respect of agricultural land and fruit plants.

Our goal is not the mass market and quantity but rather the market for quality and safety because we offer only niche products ! Safety, wholesomeness, health and quality are the main concepts of the production of extra virgin olive ERGA BIO.

In order to offer a product of the highest food safety and quality it is practiced organic farming to 100% and are directly controlled and inspected by the inspection and organic certification CCBP and enjoy attestation N° CC89 already for over 10 years.

While we are in close contact with the University of Catanzaro Magna Grecia , the department of health sciences – chemistry lab that continuously analyzes and enhances our products , and issue official certificates .






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