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    Slide in the city
    Slide the City is a Slip ‘N Slide water party event series. This event has taken place in more than 200 cities around the world including,
    Salt Lake City, Hong Kong, Vancouver, Arizona, Cape Town etc. The main attraction of the event is a 1,000-foot (300 m) long water slide,
    made of vinyl material. Other than the slide, “live music, food and drinks”are provided to participants.
    Item name Inflatable slide in the city
    MaterialPVC or PVC Tarpaulin /Customized material
    Material feature& standerdDurable, water proof, fire retardant attractive;Passed EN14960
    Size330x4.6m or customized size
    Color As Picture or Customized Color
    DesignSpecial R&D group with creative design
    PrintingDigital printing with customer’s favourable pictures, logo,websites, phone and other special request
    Warranty3 years
    Accessory1) Blower with CE/UL certificates, 110V/220V, various powers
    2) Repair kits, glue, and specification etc
    Production timeAbout 15 business days after you confirm the design & received 50% deposit.
    1. This giant inflatable slide is made of 0.55mm pvc tarpaulin and in compliance with EN14960.
    2. Easy setup and convenient to be used in different places.
    3. The long inflatable water slide is exciting and amazing for adults.
    4. Excellent waterproof and fire resistant factors make itself durable in daily use.
    5. Inflates very easy and quickly.
    6. Bring more benifit and fun
    Product repair method:
    1.Check the broken part.
    2. Estimate the repair size .
    3.Cut the repair material and round the sharp edge.(It is important , caus it can avoid the patch peeling from the corner)
    4.Put them together and draw range with pencial.
    5.Clean the broken part and the backside of repair part. Make sure No dust. If dust in it , it couldnt be cemented.
    6.Take approprite glue on the surface of broken park a little is enough and apply it evenly.
    7.Lest do the same thing on the backside of repair part.
    8.Wait for 10-15 minute until both surface of the glue paste is totaly natural withering .
    9. In order to dry faster , you can use the hair-drier .Pay attention , use the Cold Wind First.
    10.Fully dry , not glue the hand . And affer using the cold wind , you need to wait for 10 Minute to keep it dry.
    11. After 10 Minutes , Put them together and press it with your finger or some stick objects.
    11. Use the warm wind to heat the two glued surface.
    12. At the mean time , you can carring on smooth the surface with the rigid object.
    13. After two hours , It is totally blend toether , you will find it is stronger than before.Inflatable Slide The City factory