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    Our History
    PET Chip Continuous Crystallizing Dryer was put into the Chinese chemical fiber market on a large scale in1995.
    Complete plant of PA Polymerization, Extraction and Monomer Recovery was developed in 1997.
    Complete plant of Polyester Polymerization Line was developed in 1998.
    Chip Continuous Dryer for polyester and PA composite spinning was successfully developed in 199, and applied to composite spinning chemical fiber companies.
    PET and PA Chip Polycondensation System(SSP) were successfully developed in 2000.
    The biggest PET Batch SSP Reactor(36m³)in China was manufactured in 2001.
    The largest capacity(1800KG/H) of Recycled Bottle Flake Continuous Dryer was exported to overseas market in 2002.
    100T/D Continuous SSP System was manufactured and applied to polyester industrial yarn production line in 2003.
    100, 000T/Y Continuous SSP Project for PET bottle grade chip was developed in 2003.
    Low-melting Chip Special Dryer was developed for low-melting spinning in 2003.
    5, 000KG/H Continuous Crystallizing Dryer was developed in 2004 and applied to FDY spinning production.
    150T/D PET Continuous SSP Project was developed for polyester industrial yarn production in 2005.
    Raw material drying for conductive fiber spinning project was developed in 2005.
    Complete set of 2800KG/H Raw Material Metering, Conveying and Chip Crystallizing Continuous Dryer for film project was developed in 2005.
    Polyester and PA Composite Chip Continuous Dryer for superfine nonwoven was developed in 2006.
    Biggest capacity of 4000KG/H Recycled PET Flake Continuous Dryer was successfully developed in 2007.
    Passed the ISO9001 international quality certificate in December 2007.
    Passed the ISO14001 international environment system certification in December 2007.
    Complete drying plant for aramid fiber was developed in 2008, and successfully applied to para aramid spinning project.
    SSP system for retardant chip was developed in 2008.
    1800KG/H advanced PTT Chip Continuous Dryer was developed in 2008.
    1600KG/H advanced PA66 Continuous Dryer was developed in 2008.
    1200KG/H PBS Chip Dryer was developed in 2009.
    1000KG/H PPS Chip Continuous Dryer was developed in 2010.
    30000T/Y Continuous SSP Project was developed in 2010, and applied to polyester spinning.
    20T/B B-SSP System was applied to packaging field in 2011.
    100000T/Y Continuous Dryer controlled by advanced DCS was developed for chip POY spinning in 2011.
    PBT Polymerization Plant was developed in 2011.
    20T/B B-SSP System was applied to PTTI.V increasing in 2012.
    Passed EU CE Certification in June 2012.
    Recycled PPS Chip Continuous Dryer was successful developed in Juli 2012.
    Advanced 1200T/H Chip Continuous Dryer for polyester and PA compositespinning was developed in July 2012.
    Recycled PET Bottle Flake or Popcorn Continuous Dryer which is the biggest capacity in the world was developed in September 2012, and applied to 100000T/Y three-dimensional hollow PSF project.
    Our Factory
    Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone Wellsun Machinery Industry Co., Ltd is one of the most professional enterprises which develops and produces a variety of polyester drying equipments in Chinese chemical fiber field. Meanwhile, we’re the syndic unit of SYNETHETIC FIBRE and the only equipment supplier identified by the SINOPEC in polyester drying machine industry.
    We successively make our products apply with domestic and international supporting production line of civilian yarn, industrial yarn, composite yarn, electricity conducting fiber, non-woven fabrics, film, thermoplastic, recycling material spinning, recycling granulator such as Terylene, Nylon (PA6, PA66), Aramid, Spandex, PTT, PPS, PBS, PLA, PBT and so on. Our drying equipments and I.V increasing machines are mature and reliable with the advantages of simple operation, high degree of automation, less energy consumption and small covering area.
    Our business covers America, Russia, Korea, India, Turkey, Macedonia, Poland, Algeria, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc.
    WELLSUN Company has strong technical force, fetching in international advanced numerical control machining equipment and professional computer design systems, and setting up an R & D center with independent intellectual properties. We have already passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification, ISO14001 international environment system certification and European CE certification. We also applied for patents about 11 items, including low-melting chip drying, recycled flake and popcorn drying, SSP plant, and PLA fire-retardant chip production. We have an R & D pilot plant for drying and I.V increasing, and can provide customers with Polyester drying and I.V increasing experiment.
    WELLSUN Company has established long-term relations with several well-known Chemical fiber equipment suppliers and research institutes all over the world. We always keep pace with latest technology of drying and I.V increasing equipment in the world.
    We aim to become a first-class supply center for polyester drying, viscosity increasing equipments in the world. We are willing to supply you with comprehensive before-sale consultation and after-sale service. Believe that our product is your best choice!
    Our Product
    Sieving & Metering & Conveying System、Dryer System、SSP System、Polyester Project、PET Bottle Washing Line.
    Product Application
    POY(Filament), FDY, BCF, PSF(Staple fiber), Non-woven fabrics, BOPET, BOPA, BOPP, PET bottle and packaging, Special staple fiber, Engineering plastics, etc.
    Our Certificate
    Qualification:ISO9001 international quality certificate、ISO14001 international environment system certification、 EU CE Certification.
    Patent certificate:Polyamide Chip Drying Tower、Dense Phase Compressed Gas Conveying Plant、connection structure between the inlet of the boiling crystallizing bed and the outlet of feeding bin、PET Flake Continuous Dryer Plant、Vacuum Cone Dryer、Polymerization pilot plant、Compressed Gas Dryer Plant、Dilute Phase Positive Pressure Conveying Plant、Pulsed Crystallizing bed、Batch Type SSP Plant.
    Production Equipment
    Electric spark high speed perforator、Drilling and boring grinder、radial drilling、lathe、horizontal lathe、shearing machine、Bending machine、Lapping machine、Roller rack、Air compressor、Polishing machine、Cleaning machine、Cutting machine、Gas shielded welding machine、Argon arc welding machine、Electric welding machine、Plasma cutting machine、Automatic submerged arc welding machine、Laser cutter、Bending garden machine、Punching machine.
    Production Market
    1.In 2007 Jiangsu Zhonghuafang CO., Ltd Conductive Fiber Project
    2.In 2007 Tianjin Lucky Film Co., Ltd 3000KG/H PET Chip Continuous Crystallizing Dryer
    3.In 2008 Sinopec Yizheng Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd Complete Drying Plant for Aramid Fiber
    4.In 2008 Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Co., Ltd SSP Project for Special Type of Pellet
    5.In 2008 Jiangsu Wujiang Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd 1800KG/H Special Continuous Dryer for PTT Pellet
    6.In 2009 XINFU Co., Ltd 1200KG/H Drying Plant for PBS Pellet
    7.In 2010 Guangdong Dongbang Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd 80T/D Continuous Drying Plant for PET Flake
    8.In 2010 Ruitai Technology Co., Ltd 800KG/H Continuous Drying Plant for PPS Pellet
    9.In 2011 Jinshan Petrochemical 20T/B B-SSP
    10.In 2011 Zhejiang Fulin Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd 200T/D Continuous Dryer for Recycled Flake and Popcorn
    11.In 2011 Jiangsu Rongwen Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd 350T/D Continuous Dryer with advanced DCS control system
    12.In 2012 HYOSUNG Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd 20T/B B-SSP
    13.In JUL., 2012 Sichuan Unfire Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd Continuous Drying Plant for special type of PPS Pellet
    14.In Aug., 2012 Fujian Huayu Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd 1200T/H Chip Continuous Drying Plant for Polyester Monofilament
    15.In Sep., 2012 Jiangsu Xuri Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd 10, 000T/Y Chip Continuous Drying Plant for PET&PA Composite Yarn
    16.In Oct., 2012 Zhejiang Haike Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd Continuous Dryer for Recycled Flake and Popcorn, applied to 100, 000T/Y Three-dimensional Staple Fiber Production Line.
    Our service
    Pre-sales:Assist buyer needs analysis and design.Provide professional technical consultation services.
    Sale: Design and manufacture according to contract , meet user’s demand through professional service.
    After-sales:Our company is equipped with a high-quality after-sales service team based on technical personnel, in the service information or feedback received by users, in the shortest possible time to make users satisfied with the response and processing.PET Flake Pelletizing And I.V Increasing Production Line manufacturers